Schumacher’s and Hill’s famous crash in Adelaide in 1994

I know many people will say Schumacher was at fault etc, but if you just watch the whole video you see that silly Damon is trying to overtake at a corner where you can’t overtake and Damon wasn’t even alongside Michael. So no reason for Michael to move over and say, please Damon, the corner is yours, especially if his car was damaged?? Why on earth did DAMON not wait and make a proper move elsewhere on the circuit ???? Better to blame Michael…


2 responses to “Schumacher’s and Hill’s famous crash in Adelaide in 1994

  1. 1) As Zanardi says, we cannot blame drivers for this kind of errors, they have to decide in an instant while their brain is already quite completely occupied by controlling those monster cars and staying in track
    2) Hill, coming out of a blind corner, found Schumacher still in the middle of the track, he could hardly know that MS had made a mistake, he probably didn’t know that MS had gone off, and he probably didn’t know that MS had hitten the wall and he had no clue that MS’s car was damaged and that he would easily overtake later. Hill just saw a chance to overtake because MS, as far as he knew (only?) in that second, was in trouble.
    3) I see MS look in his left rearview mirror and then go left, then look in the right mirror and shut the door, so I judge his behaviuor triky. I do this now as I did this then, but having seen MS race ten more years simply reinforce this statement: he has always been tricky, vey aggressive, sometimes intimidatin, specially towards DH and his brother

  2. ah, well, forgive me for all these typos and variuos errors

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