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Monaco 2011: Massa’s Crash


We are very disappointed with the way qualifying went …

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Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari team principal: “We made an error of judgement in trusting the weather forecast: when we went out on track the rain, rather than dying down, suddenly got even stronger. With hindsight, it is easy to say we should have gone out immediately. It’s a real shame because all the signs were that we could have done well and now we will have to prepare for an uphill fight in the race. But there’s no point in crying about things before they have even happened, because the race is not until tomorrow. And as we saw today, anything could happen. We will try and pick up as many points as possible, making the most of any opportunity that presents itself.”

Massa and Hamilton colliding in the Japanese GP in 2008 …

CLICK on the image BELOW to see the crash ……………

Felipe Massa crashes in free practice and spins all day long during the Silverstone 2008 GP

Or if you want to watch MASSA crash during FREE PRACTICE, than just click here…………. And watch quickly because FOM has already removed this last video from youtube.

Massa Crashing at the 2008 Malaysian GP

Now was it driver error or some sort of mechanical failure that put FELIPE out of the GP??? What we do know is that he responded in the best possible way by winning the next GP in Bahrain, well done FELIPE…………..



NUNO CONDE had a great post with a spectacular video with MASSA and KUBICA fighting it out in the rain. Unfortunately I don’t speak any Portuguese. Sorry Nuno Conde. But it still sounds great in your language:
“Massa e o Kubica, na última volta do GP do Japão no passado mês de Setembro…Deliciem-se…Espectacular!”