1995 – Indianapolis 500 Stan Fox’s horrific crash …

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Wikipedia: Stan Fox competed in the Indianapolis 500 eight times between 1987 and 1995 driving for A.J. Foyt and Ron Hemelgarn. He was also a motorcycle racing enthusiast.

Nearly fatal crash at Indianapolis
While driving for Ron Hemelgarn, Fox was seriously injured during the 1995 Indianapolis 500 in one of the most horrifying accidents in the history of the race. After starting ninth, Fox went low into the first turn on the first lap of the race and spun. His car collected the car of Eddie Cheever, Jr. and several other cars were involved in the wreck. Fox suffered serious head injuries.

The accident ended Fox’s racing career but he continued to stay involved with the sport. He started the non-profit organization Friends of the Fox which supports people with head injuries and brings them to the track each May to meet the drivers and get VIP treatment. Fox never gave up his dream of driving a race car again.

Unfortunately, Fox would not survive another brush with death: on the Desert Road some 200 miles south of Auckland, New Zealand, Fox’s van collided head on with a car. He was 48 years old.


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  1. don’t steal wikipedia articles. attribution shouldn’t be a problem.

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